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Trans people have forever been ostracized by society. Without intervention, it doesn’t seem like things will ever be any different. But should it be allowed to be this way? The Spirit of the Eunuch talks about how we should not compare our identities to others because God made us the way we are for a reason. The author, Spiritual Vessel, discusses how trans people are called “Eunuchs” instead of transgender as they trudge on a chosen path, one that not everyone can handle. This book promotes the thought that everyone, no matter who they are or what they look like, deserves kindness and compassion, just as much as others do. But, most of all, they deserve unquestionable acceptance. God teaches us that they are all worthy of respect and love. This book helps the readers understand how they can express their individualities and remain true to themselves.

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The Author

Spiritual Vessel is a courageous woman who is very close to God. She strives to educate and inspire people with her words about loving all of God’s creations and respecting everyone who walks their own path. She believes she can make the world a better place by changing one mind at a time. Through her writing, she aims to promote the spirit of acceptance and compassion.

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